Friday, December 11, 2009

Canning jars and snowmen

I decided to do something different on top of my kitchen cupboards this year. I have put my village there for several years. You'll need to stop back another day to see where it is now.I started going thru some of the stuff I had and this is what I came up with. Canning jars and snowmen.
My lighted branch and some greens in a green bucket, canning jar filled with icy branches and greens.
Remember you can click on the pictures to enlarge.
A snowman in a jar and vintage tree light boxes.
A tin Santa picture, lights and greens in a jar and snow balls in a jar.
A jar light and prim snowman. I put vintage tree lights around everything. I'm happy with the results, it's a nice change.
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Suzanne said...

So cute and festive!

Anonymous said...

I wish we had space such as yours above our kitchen cabinets. I have a Christmas village too. When we had an entertainment center, I put the village on top of that. I gave away the entertainment center a few years ago. The village had stayed in boxes until last year. I placed the village and a train around the village under our Christmas tree. Here's a link to that picture.

I liked having the village displayed over the holidays; however, I would prefer it up higher off the floor. Placing the village above the kitchen cabinets would be a good place for me, if I had that space!

Heidi Pocketbook said...

It looks great!

Heather said...

oh i love the new display! i liked the village too but i think the snowmen are a nice surprise!

Darla said...

Now I want a snowman in a jar!! Love everything here too..

Vicki said...

Hello, Jean,
I love everything about your kitchen cabinets! The snowmen, canning jars, Santa tin, lights, everything is so happy and festive. It is putting me into the Christmas spirit! Vicki

Sandra said...

Love your collection of Snowmen and jars. Everything looks so festive and pretty. Happy Holidays.

Lynda @ Elegance Reclaimed said...

You've made a lovely display-scape. All the bottles signs and everything. It looks great!

Thank you for sharing, have a GRAND weekend.