Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I'm always happy when they pick up our leaves. The pressure is off and I don't need to worry about leaves anymore.If I had that blower I wouldn't have to drag tarpfuls from the backyard!
They have it down to a science now. Each worker has his own job to do.
This is the only time my street will see a sidewalk plow.
That's a lot of leaves! It's much easier when the leaves are wet for this job.
Synchronized driving!
Next comes the street sweeper and the leaves are all gone until next year.


Anne Fannie said...

That is alot of leaves Jean! Are those city workers that come by and pick up all the leaves or is it a company you hire? We have a huge Ash tree in our front yard, its over 100 feet tall, I look up at it all summer and cringe at all the leaves because I know they will all fall.
Great pictures!

Darla said...

Must be nice!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the leaf vacuums on our street yet.