Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Man Made Art

I have always been fascinated with wood construction. Being able to build something is an art in itself but making it beautiful in the process is amazing to me. I found 2 examples of this artwork while in Allegheny State Park.I have always loved this theater in the woods. I would love to experience an activity there but never have because we camp too late in the season.
It is just perfect tucked into the woods with a hill in front just like a man made stadium. A perfect wedding spot, don't you think?

All the years we've been going to the park we never knew there was a covered bridge on the opposite side of the huge park. We found out thru a fellow blogger and had to check it out this year.
I love the beautiful construction inside and out.Another example of fitting into the landscape perfectly.Even the stone braces are works of art.
Nothing beats a perfect day and beautiful art!


Darla said...

The outdoor theater is great! Love the covered bridge..

Anonymous said...

I've never seen the theater in the woods. It is quite a work of art! I like that covered bridge, having photographed it several times in all seasons. Have you seen the covered bridges in Bedford County?

carla said...

Saw your comment on 4:53 and decided to stop by your blog.

That outdoor theater is marvelous! It would be great for so many different kinds of events. I used to be involved in a community drama group and we had an extremely difficult time finding a place to perform. Something like this would've been perfect.

New York is so beautiful in ... well, I started to say fall, but I think it's lovely in the winter and summer, too. When our son was at Ft. Drum we visited several times. Would never have know that NY was so lovely in July.

Nice blog.

Teresa said...

Something magical about a wooden covered bridge, too. This one is just beautiful.