Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Sweeties!

I took Jerzie to a local cemetery to see the peacocks (Payton was in the car sleeping). My Dad is buried here so I remember seing them a lot as a child. I don't know how long they have had peacocks but I love that they still have them. Jerzie loves all animals so she was in awe of these beautiful birds. They had molted so they didn't have any of their long tail feathers left. She had taken her camera so she had to get some pictures. We also found a small feather with some of the colors for her 'treasure box'.
Apparently Jerzie likes pressing buttons because she ended up with 2 videos instead of pictures. (We'll need to work on that. Batteries only last a short time when she takes all videos).

Not too bad for a three year old!


Anonymous said...

Is this a local cemetery? I've never been to a cemetery that keeps peacocks. That is a nice touch. Jerzie takes pretty good video!

Wendy said...

Gosh is Jerzie 3 already?? I also have never heard of peacocks at a cemetery. Oh, I know all about pushing buttons and getting videos instead of pics. LOL! Never mind, she did well.
Oh, I love your background. You always have such nice ones!!

Diana LaMarre said...

Oh, what fun to see peacocks. They are so pretty.

Look how long Jerzie's hair is! She is really growing up fast.