Monday, May 11, 2009

Sweetie's Weekend

I'm sure you are all excited to see pictures and hear stories about our weekend. It didn't go quite as planned. The girls went to day care on Thursday and Friday. Aunt Laurie and Uncle Chris had to pick them up on Thurs because I work late. Friday afternoon I ran to the cemetery and then to pick up my Sweeties. Payton had been spitting up all day and wouldn't take a bottle. I put in a quick call to the Dr and was told to give her pedialite. She finally drank her last bottle and seemed good. Jerzie fell asleep in the living room in her princess sleeping bag early but was awaken by vomiting. After a quick bath, clean bed, etc. she went back to sleep. She was quite lazy on Sat and Gramma broke her rules and let her watch movies most of the day.
The weather was terrible, windy and rainy but we did try to take a walk after I sprayed with lysol and opened the windows to air the house out. We got to the end of our block and it started to rain.
Mommy called on Sun and said they wouldn't be home until late so the girls were going to stay another night. By the time Chris and Laurie got here after work guess who had the flu! Since Laurie had to work today we had Mommy call their other Gramma to take them for the night.
I think I'm okay today but a little shaky and achy because I couldn't take my pills. I'm sure this is not what you expected to hear but that's the way things go. At least I got to spend time with my Sweeties and didn't have to work at the store! We did have fun coloring , blowing bubbles , making pictures and a card for Mommy so our time together wasn't completely wasted.


Darla said...

So sorry the creeping crud crept in on your weekend. Glad everyone is improving though.

Utah Grammie said...

Oh, hopenyou get to feeling better soon! ANd what a special Grandma you are to have the Sweeties over !

THe photo on your Mother's Day post reminded me of a picture I saw at my Mother's nursing home before she passed - it said "the Sunset is no less beautiful than the Sunrise.."

Wanita said...

I'm so sorry you all got sick ~ what a bummer!

Hope you're feeling better soon.