Monday, May 18, 2009


Jerzie just loves to do puzzles. We started with easy ones and now I've gotten a few harder ones. We do them every time she's here. These 2 were new last week and we only did them once or twice, She did this one all by herself today!She turned them over and separated the edge pieces like I taught her. I talked to her about the colors that would be in the next piece and that was all the help she had.
I love the look of satisfaction on her face and her hands curled under her chin.
Looks like we have another thumb sucker in the family!


Darla said...

Puzzles are very good for children to do, she does look very proud of herself and she should be. The thumb suckers are cute!

Cedar ... said...

Nothing wrong with thumbsucking at that age! It gives them comfort. Love the look on Jerzie's face... such satisfaction. Good for her!

Utah Grammie said...

The both are beautiful and growing! Enjoy every minute!

Carla said...

The photos of victory say it all!! Thumbsucking baby? Darling:)