Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

First, I would like to say welcome to all the new bloggers that have joined us. Remember everyone is welcome even if you can only share once in awhile. It is so much fun to see what's bloomin' in all the different areas. Thanks for spreading the word and please, keep it up! I had Saturday and Sunday off at the store this week and the weather was great both days. I got a lot done but nothing real noticeable. I did get out a couple of my garden art items and I'm starting a new project that I'll tell you about when I get more done. Luckily, I took pictures because today it's windy, cold and rainy!
Does anyone have any idea what this is? It's probably just a weed but I've never noticed it before and I think it's quite pretty.
The stem seems to almost be woody and I noticed that it closed at night.
A couple more primroses are blooming this week. I really like this dark blue one.
These are the only 3 hyacinths that I have. I planted them a few years ago when I got it as an Easter gift. This is the best they have looked in awhile. They usually get snowed on at a critical time and they aren't as pretty. Of course the scent is wonderful! They are a little strong for me inside but I love them outside.
Even tho my daffodils aren't as plentiful this year I still have a few different types. I have no idea what any of them are.
I have white with a bright yellow short center blooming,
white with a larger pale center,
all yellow with a even longer center of the same color,

and my favorite, pale yellow with an orange center.
The Hellebore's (Lenten rose) are doing very well. I love the color but they are hard to photograph because they have a tendency to face down. I may need to move it as I had to take out the tree they were under. They like sun in the spring and shade in the summer.
I hope you're all ready to show us what's bloomin' this spring in your garden. Just add your name and permalink to Mr Linky and put a link to this post on your blog.
Happy Gardening!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean, your garden is popping with some pretty blooms this week. I love all the different Daffs you have in your garden. This year I planted Hellebores for the first time and I'm addicted. Mine get morning sun with afternoon shade & seem to be happy. That deep magenta shade is gorgeous. :) I'll be posting my blooms shortly. Thanks for hosting as always, Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!

Suzanne said...

Jean - Love your primroses. I have a few popping up as well. I'll have to showcase them next week. Yours are lovely! Your daffodils are so pretty too. Today I showcased some of my neighbor's tulips and daffodils. My neighbors also have a Hellebore and it looks just like yours. They are so unusually pretty, aren't they?

Cedar ... said...

Jean,.. I finally noticed that i have some daffodil shoots coming up! They are on the north side of the house in the shade so that is why they are going to be so late! Stay tuned!

Paula said...

I love your daffodills and your helebores magenta colors! My helebores is a lovely white - I will show it next week.
Thanks for sharing and thanks for hosting! Paula in Idaho

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

Beautiful blooms. I love the primroses, especially the blue ones. Thanks for hosting this event and for sharing your flowers.


Ginger said...

Thanks for hosting!

Aiyana said...

I also like the pale yellow/orange center daffodils the best, but I do love the blue of that primrose.

We had our first 100 degree day this year, so any lingering spring flowers bit the dust today! It's summertime for us for the next five months. I hate it!

Darla said...

Great blooms Jean. The first flower looks a lot like a Dandelion and I believe your first Daff pictured is Ice Follies.

Teri C said...

That blue primrose is so awesome and beautiful. Well, all your blooms are beautiful!!

I was in Maui last week and just had to share all those beautiful hibiscus that seem to be growing everywhere.

Carla said...

your primroses and hy are wonderful! Also, especially since it looks like none of my daffs are going to bloom this year, I LOVE your daffs-what a nice collection:)

Linda M. Verardi said...

Soooo happy I found all the Bloomin' Tuesday gardeners. Thanks for hosting!

Marsha's Mpressions said...

I stumbled onto your blog for the first time today and I'm so glad I did. Beautiful blooms! That dark blue primrose - OH MY! It is so special!

Blessings, Marsha

Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

What beautiful flowers you have. I posted a little flower I saw at a friend's house on Easter Sunday. Then I just remembered I took pics of my daughter's little flower garden last year. I'll have to remember that for next week.

OldBagNewTricks said...

OMG -- look at all the wonderful blooms a poppin' in your garden. I come here for inspiration as mine looks like, the last gasp of the Hespera.

That yellow flower looks to me like a dandelion without it's leaves.... maybe somebody snatched the leaves for salad. Folks are like that.