Monday, December 01, 2008

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

Edit: Mr Linky is being tempermental again today. Something to do with his host. Sorry! Jean Welcome!

I was so wrapped up with Christmas decorating that I almost forgot!

Today I'm showing you some plants that are on my wish list. These are all plants we saw on the Secret Garden Toiur this summer and I really don't know the names of most of them. Help me out if you can! I think I had this first one before but must be it didn't make it.

This is very different and I don't think that it has blooms.

I like the different colors.

I believe these are some kind of gooseneck (?) They are so gracefull looking.

This is another interesting one. It is simular to the other one but I don't think they are the same plant.

I love the frilly look!

You know how I love ferns. This is a Maidenhair fern. See how it grows aropund in a circle?

I assume this is a type of Black-eyed Susan. The reddish color atound the center is so striking.

Don't they look beautiful here with the Queen Ann's Lace? Love it!
Do you have a wish list? What I really need is more room!
If you would like to join us for Bloomin' Tuesday just add your name and permalink to Mr Linky. Please remember to add a link to this post on your blog Now sit back and enjoy the tour!


playsdolls said...

Jean I love the Garden Tour,if only I could walk outside at see all those beautiful flowers growing right now.
I have a wish list on it are purple cone flowers,and a dog wood tree.There is lots more but those are on the top of the list.

Grammy said...

I love your ferns. I have never seen a Black-eyed Susan like that before, What a joy to see blooms.
Have a great week.

Aiyana said...

Not surprisingly, I can't name a one of your wish list plants! Now, if you had a few cacti on the list, I could probably have helped you out.
I keep a running list of things I'd like to try. I run into so many plants that interest me when visiting blogs, but unfortunately, most of them won't grow here. I do like the frilly plant you show. It's cute!

Darla said...

Love the gooseneck plant and the frilly fern. The black eyed Susans are the best. Mine all seem to bleed into one another making for very interesting centers.

Darla said...

The link isn't coming back up.

Deb said...

Yes, those are goosenecks. I wish you lived close enough, and I could give you a ton of them! They will take over your beds - an invasive plant but one which you can pull up and control. They are very pretty waving their heads int the wind. And...your pictures already make me long for working outside in spring's warmer weather!

Rosemary said...

Lovely pictures and they help brighten these cold winter days, the loosestrife , gooseneck , I have had in my previous garden, loved it.It is on my list to have again along with some ferns and I like your selection.

Carla said...

I don't see a Mr. Linky, maybe its just me. Your plants are lovely! The goose neck is a loose strife, and VERY invasive if it likes its spot. Maybe they have it contained, or have bred one that's not invasive-either way its beautiful! Thanks for stopping and sharing today:)

Wanita said...
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Wanita said...

Jean, your pictures are so pretty on a cold winter day. The plant in the first picture looks like coral bells. I have several in my garden, and they are very hardy.

PS: I deleted the previous post. I should have proofread more carefully since I had some spelling issues (smile).

Wendy said...

Just beautiful. I love the black-eyed susans. They're one of my favourite flowers. I like your fern. I didn't know they grew like that (in rounds). Very nice. I didn't think you'd have a blooming tuesday, since you have snow. But - hey - why not???

Ann said...

I like the "frilly look" too. Black-eyed Susans are the state flower of my home state of Maryland. Love the Christmas look of your blog!!

Dee said...

The Queen Annes Lace is gorgeous! I remember that growing wild when I was growing up in South Dakota. It dried really well and my mom used it in dried flower arrangements.