Thursday, December 04, 2008


First I'd like to apologize for not commenting much lately. I do check in on you when I have a few minutes but I know we are all in the same boat. Trying to get everything done in a short amount of time. I'm almost done with my inside and outside decorating. I've had to spend some time getting ice off my roof. Just let me say here that a telescoping tree trimmer handle with a small hoe taped to it works great to pull snow and ice of the roof! I finally called my son yesterday and he finished the job I started. Now I'm looking for someone to replace the gutter because when there is no gutter I get a waterfall in the stone part of my basement.
I'm almost done shopping and I've started some projects I need to do. My goal this weekend is to finish the projects and the decorating. Then just cookies, wrapping and getting a tree. I just found out our tree guys aren't selling this year so we need to find somewhere else. Bummer!
So how are you doing with all you need to do?
Christmas is 3 weeks from today!


Darla said...

Why did you have to go and tell us that? 3 weeks!! I still have the tree to do, the porch to clean and decorate, shopping, cooking, baking, cleaning, Christmas Cards...Are you happy now? LOL

Balisha said...

3 weeks! I have tons to do also. I do love your old ornaments in the clear glass containers. I had an old coffee jar and I put a string of lights in it...really pretty.

Wendy said...

Too bad your regular guy is not selling trees anymore. I got ours last week and it's sitting on my back deck waiting.

I have so much to do. And I thought I had gotten a good head start with shopping back in November.
Made my first batch of Christmas cookies today - shortbread. My mother's recipe.

Suzanne said...

You are way ahead of me in the decorating department. Because of all our necessary renovations I haven't gotten out one box of ornaments. I do love seeing all your beautiful things though... it gets me in the spirit!