Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner

Do you think we had enough food for 3 people? Chris and Laurie were at his family's dinner yesterday so it was just us and Jerzie. Jerzie was too tired to eat well so she had a bowl of Froot Loops after her nap! Thanksgiving dinner has to consist of the same foods every year no matter how many are eating. I also made my no bake pumpkin pie and brown bag apple pie. Looks like everyone is full and content!

I trust you all had a super day with fami;y and friends.


Darla said...

Are you kidding me...we cooked again today so we (selfish Ones) would have our own leftovers. Looks like you had plenty to eat and a chair full of content family.

Ann said...

Looks good to me! Love you dishes! I'll take the big glass of Chocolate milk!