Monday, August 11, 2008

Jerzie Day

Jerzie is not feeling well today so I decided to share some pictures from my brother's anniversary party at his son's house. My nieces and nephews kids were swimming so Jerzie went in for a few minutes.
Jerzie and her cousin, Johnny and sidewalk chalk.
Jerzie slowly checking out my nieces new baby boy (a week and a half).
Total fascination!
Now I must attend to my Grandma duties of rocking and cuddling!

Go visit Suzanne and see her wonderful "hang-ups"! She's having her monthly drawing for a free one and also a Dwipe giveaway. What's a Dwipe? Go see for yourself and enter the giveaways!


Anonymous said...

I hope Jerzie feels better soon. The pictures of the new baby were great, thanks for sharing.

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Poor sweet Jerzie .... hope she is feeling better soon. Grandma's hugs and cuddling will work wonders, I'm sure :-)

Susie said...

Little Jerzie looks so cute in her swimsuit! She sure is checking out the new baby :)
Hope she feels better soon!