Wednesday, August 13, 2008

HUGE Milestone!

In 1982 the house I was living in was sold so I had to find a new place to live. I was a single mother of 2 with a year old business. I only had a business because a friend introduced me to 2 men that were looking for a stable business for a building they owned. They believed in me and set up a beauty shop for me. That beauty shop was my only income. A girlfriend called to tell me she had seen a house for sale on a tree lined street I had daydreamed about living on. It was in a perfect location between the kids schools, the park where Kim played sports and the Boys Club where the kids spent a lot of their spare time.

I couldn't resist looking at the house and even though it was old and needed some work I fell in love with it. The owners were in a hurry to sell because they had 2 mortgages so the price was right. I saw the potential in this house that others did not see. I didn't look at another house.

I still had a huge hurdle to cross. Getting a mortgage was not easy because I only had one income and a new business. The bank turned me down. Another friend's father offered to buy the house and sell it to me on a land contract. The first night in our new house the dining room ceiling leaked when the kids took a shower! I still loved my house and I learned how to remove tile, put up greenboard and a tub surround!

In 1988 the building my shop was in was sold so I borrowed several thousand dollars to move my shop to my unfinished basement. I had a fire in my furnace in 1997 that caused damage to the beauty shop bathroom and smoke damage to the rest of the house. When my Mom passed away I sold my half of her house to my brother and redid my kitchen. I also turned a side porch into a bathroom and added my deck. Now I really love my house! I can live very comfortably on the first floor as long as I am able. I have refinanced a couple times to lower interest and consolidate the house and shop payments. I have learned to do a lot of work myself and have also learned to call a professional when necessary. I have added flower gardens all over that are a place for quiet work and extreme joy.

I've told my house story to say this,


Instead of burning my mortgage, I'm having a give away! You certainly deserve one if you read thru all of this post.

These are the prizes. A Home Sweet Home sign, A Happy Home Recipe plaque from the '70's and a cute screen door. All you have to do is leave a comment. Jerzie is spending the weekend with me and I will have her draw a name on Sunday the 17th so you must sign up by 7am sunday.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jean on your last mortgage payment! The trials & tribulations we go through by being home owners is worth it in the end! :)

The Smiths said...

YYYYEEEAAA!!!! Congrats on finally paying it off! One day I hope to also be mortgage free but since this is only the fourth year of having a mortgage, I think I have quite a few years a head of me :) Also, thanks so much for doing all you have to take care of my poor sick baby so I didn't have to miss work or send her to daycare! You'll be happy to know that she woke up pretty much fever free this morning!

Wanita said...

Congratulations on making your last morgage payment. You have a lovely home!

Dawn said...

It's a good feeling to have it paid in full...

Trust me, all you blog peeps....Jean's house is adorable! She has done wonders with it!


Oh what a wonderful story..... all of those memories are what makes a house a Home as well as the people who love it of course!!!
Yahoo for paying your last payment!!! I am doing a little giveaway also so come by and drop your name into my blogging hat!!!
Have a Blessed Week!!

Susie said...

Hi Jean,
What an absolutely wonderful story to read! Congratulations on all that you've achieved with your beautiful home.
I remember what a great feeling it was to make the final payment on our home too :)
It gives ones such a sense of security!


You won my magazine give away!!!!Email your address & I will send it on it's merry way!!!

Retro Girl said...

Congrats!! That has got to be the most liberating feeling ever!

What a beautiful home and an eloguent tribute!

What a lovely blog, too!

Melony said...

Well, I do believe I read every word! I thoroughly enjoyed your story of overcoming and persevering through tough times. I'm also reminded how much of an impact we have on the life of others by giving them a little help when needed.
Good for you on the final payment!

Utah Grammie said...

Thank goodness - and way to go - these are the stories I love to hear! You must be very proud and rightly so. I'm happy for you!

Suzanne said...

Wow - What a wonderful accomplishment. You must be so happy. Congratulations!

Lallee said...

I will do a happy dance with you. That is quite an accomplishment and encouragement for others. Big congratulations to you!

Zoey said...

Hi Jean,
How exciting to have made the last payment. Congratulations!

Marybeth said...

Pat yourself on the back! What a beautiful home you have!! And you did it by yourself - wahoo! Making that last payment frees up a lot of money and time that was spent worrying about it... life doesn't get much better!! Love all your pictures and getting to know you. Mb