Monday, July 28, 2008

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

I'm starting to get a little more color in the daylily bed. I don't have a big variety but they have been putting on quite a show this year.

I have a couple different shades of yellow.

The bottom picture is a truer color and these are a much smaller lily.

I love the peach colors.

The top picture is the closer color.
I got one calla lily in the pot on my deck and I'm happy with that. It hasn't bloomed for the last couple years for some reason. I'm going to dig it up this fall and see if the 1 bulb I planted had multiplied.If you would like to show us what's bloomin' where you are planted just add your name and blog address to Mr Linky and add a link to this post on your blog. Remember, you don't have to grow it to show it! Everyone is welcome!

Go and enjoy the country wide garden tour right from your computer chair!


Anne Fannie said...

Hi Jean, I love all your lilies. They are beautiful! I think my favorite one is the pink one! Thanks again for hosting the Blooming Tuesday.
Love, Ann

Anonymous said...

Hello Jean, your lillies are pretty. I love the yellow Calla Lily. I will be posting soon. Thanks for hosting Bloomin Tuesday!

Suzanne said...

Your lilies are beautiful, Jean! I went up and down looking at all the photos and enjoying them all. My favorite -- if I had to pick it would be the peach colored ones, but that's a tough call!

Deborah said...

The daylilies are beautiful! I love the peach too.

Aiyana said...

I love the canna lilly! It has such a beautiful shade of yellow. Each time you show new daylillies, I'm even more unsure of which are the prettiest. This week, I think I like the pale yellow the best.

Unknown said...

The yello Calla is gorgeous! I bought two Calla bulbs last spring and although they have grown very tall, no blooms yet!

teacupsandpoodles said...

Hi Jean,
Your flowers are so pretty! Your blog is quite lovely!
Mary Ann

Sweetie said...

Your flowers are all beautiful. I don't know which is my favorite. My mother always told me that when you see flowers blooming as someone's home, you know that the person that lives there cares.


Anonymous said...

Your lilies are lovely. I used to have a big orange one in my garden but one year it didn't grow and I've never seen it since!

Sweetie said...

I had attempted to post flowers from my garden but somehow lost the post (my inexperience. I have three of the grandchildren today. I will do better at posting next week!

Ann said...

I love the dark pink lily. Very pretty. The calla lily makes me think of Katharine Hepburn. She says in a movie "The calla lilies are in bloom again." Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!