Tuesday, July 29, 2008

6 things

Sweetie tagged me for a 6 things meme. I did this awhile ago but I figured there must be 6 more things I could tell you.

1. My Dad and my brother had polio in the last epidemic in the area, in 1953. My Dad was in an iron lung in one hospital and my brother was in another hospital. My Dad died and my brother has been on crutches ever since. He was 6 and I was 4.

2. I used to teach decorative painting and sweatshirt painting classes in my home. I had to give it up when I got a second job. I don't paint much anymore and do miss it now and then.

3. I was a Girl Scout until I finished school and got the highest award for scouts at the time. I also had troops of my own and helped with others. I led the Brownie troop my daughter was in during grade school.

4. I had braids until I went into the 7th grade then my Mom cut them off. Can you imagine a Mom controlling a child's hair at that age today?

5. I am very nervous around water. I love the beach but don't spend time in the water. I get especially nervous when there is a drop off to the water. When we went to the pier my kids knew they had to walk down the middle.

6.Some of our relatives did a genealogy and discovered that my maternal Grandfather's family came to this country in 1637. We are also related to royalty in England. I have all the papers but never bothered to read them before. I think this will be a good read for the winter months.


Sweetie said...

How great! We do have some things in common. I was in Scouts (didn't make it as high as you) and was a leader for years. Mom cut off my braids before I went into 7th grade also. I had to beg her. Also, I've traced one branch of my family back to England in the 1600s (Christopher Gist). I don't think that we are related to royalty - but it would be nice. You're "6 things" are great!!

Dawn said...

When I was a girl, my heart's desire was to have braids...but my mother wouldn't hear of it. You see, she had braids until she left home for college. As a teen, they were wrapped round her head. Her dad was extremely conservative..and would not allow her to cut her hair.
As soon as she got to college, she cut it like all the other girls, but braided it for the school photo so that her dad would not find out.
When Rachel's hair was long enough for braids, I learned to french braid...and always have loved them. My mother had a hissy fit!
Oh well...maybe a little too much information.
Never did scouts. There was only 4-H in rural southern Ohio where I grew up as a girl.