Monday, July 21, 2008

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday! I found a couple surprises in the garden this week.
I just noticed that I have a white hollyhock too! We have had some hard rain and the blooms are so heavy that the hollyhocks are bending over.
I also spotted this day lily in the middle of my garden. All my daylilies were in this garden until a couple years ago. I must of missed this one.My astilbe is blooming in the shade garden although something broke off a lot of it. Maybe that pesky rabbit!
Do you get flowers on you hens and chicks? I'm not thrilled with them but I guess they are interesting.
Most of mine get so top heavy that they fall over and never really bloom.
My trumpet vine has just started to bloom. I really like this plant but you can't plant it too near your house or it will come in!
I bought this cleome this year. It's an annual but I'm hoping it will reseed. I love the color of this one.
The pink cranesbill geranium is all over my garden.
I really love these plants and the blue is one of my favorites.
These are great plants if you have a large area to fill. They bloom for a long time and get huge if you let them.
I hope you enjoyed the walk thru my garden. To take a country wide tour just click on the names below. If you would like to join the fun and show us what's bloomin' where you are planted just add your name and blog address to Mr Linky and post a link to this post on your blog.


The Apron Queen said...

The red trumpet vine grows wild all over the place here in TX. I recently tried to photograph it, but it was a breezy day & I had a lot of trouble focusing because of the movement. I'll try again another day when the wind is calm.

I made a visit to a nearby water liy pond & got some wonderful photos. Come see.

Deborah said...

Your pictures are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

The blooms look great Jean. I am so jealous of your Astilbe. Mine blooms in April. I love Astilbe.

Aiyana said...

Very nice! I think you mentioned before that you like pastels better than bright colors, and these photos show it. My cactus flowers look gaudy compared to your subdued hues. Pastel flowers don't seem to do well in the desert though, so I enjoy seeing others' gardens that have them.

Suzanne said...

Oh wow! I loved all your blooms this week. The astilbe is so pretty -- I love its lacy look. My hens and chicks send up a blossom similar to yours. Love the trumpet vine. That is one of my favorites and that salmon color of yours is luscious! I also have the Cranesbill Geranium in my yard -- we call it "Wild Geraniums" in Colorado. They are beautiful!

Unknown said...

I just love the Hens and chicks- my Mom always had them growing in the garden when I grew up in SD but I don't believe they would survive my desert heat!

Deb said...

It took about 6 years for our trumpet vine to finally bloom! Last year we had only a few, but this year, it is covered. The ants really like it too :-}

Dawn said...

Did you get the big rain we got this morning!?
No need for watering cans today...!

Diana LaMarre said...

I love how your astilbe and daylily are almost the exact shade of purple.

My hens/chicks get those big appendages when they bloom, too. They don't bloom very often. I think they need to be pretty old and once they bloom the mother plant dies.

Carole Burant said...

You certainly do have a way with plants, how gorgeous they all are!! I'm especially loving your trumpet vine, the flowers are just delightful! xoxo

Linda aka yellowroseli said...

Love your flowers. Will be back next week to see more.

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Jean, your photos are beautiful. Your garden looks great today! Thank you for hosting the Blooming Tuesday again this week. I have enjoyed it!
Love, Ann

Sandra said...

I wanted to stop by and say thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I've enjoyed visiting your blog too and seeing your beautiful pictures.

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