Monday, May 12, 2008

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

It's been a beautiful week until today. It's cool and rainy but we need days like that once in awhile. Here's what's blooming at my house. White primroses.
Grape hyacinth.
Orange tulip.
I know they aren't orange! That's what the tag said. I know yellow and red make orange but... I do think they are beautiful and I'm really not upset that they aren't orange.
Hens and chicks.
Silver lamium.
And way back in my shade garden, Jack-in-the-Pulpit.
A good friend dug these from her woods several years ago. They have really multiplied.
There are 4 blooms in this picture.
Please join us in showing what's blooming where we're planted. Just add the link to your post to Mr Linky and post a link to this list on your blog. Remember, you must sign up every week that you have blooms to share. Click on the button on my sidebar for details and buttons to add to your blog.Thanks for joining the fun!


Suzanne said...

These are beautiful photos. I love the primrose and the Jack-in-the-Pulpit. I'm not sure I've ever seen the later before!

Aiyana said...

You have a wide variety of beautiful blooms. I've always been fascinated with Jack-in-the-Pulpit, and hope to see some in person some day!

Laurie and Chris said...

Great pictures mom! My "orange" tulip looks like that also. I love the pictures of the Jack-in-the-Pulpit they always remind me of camp.

Dawn said...

Always a treat to see your blooms, Jean.

My post is up!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping to join in on Bloomin' Tuesday again this week but didn't get outside to take pictures. My daughter did post a beautiful picture of what happens to blooms that were to open and then large hail hit them!

Rambles by Hay Hay said...

What beautiful blooms you have! I am in awe, I hope one day I can have such a wide variety in my garden. I posted a few of my blooms for "Bloomin Tuesday" too!


Leaon Mary said...

Love your blooms Jean! Just beautiful! I linked to share, but didn't have much this week... next week is lookin better though!

Susan said...

I hope to have more blooms next week - today I've only got two to share.

Ann said...

I just love spring and seeing everything blooming! My mother in law has the hens and chicks. I've never seen Jack-in-the-Pupit! Happy Tuesday!