Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm back.....

...from my Jerzie break! We had a great time although we mostly stayed home. Believe it or not I only took a couple pictures. I decided she didn't need Gramma in her face with a camera all the time. We spent a lot of time outside and I'm happy to report, although I didn't get her digging in the dirt, she did use her garden tools to dig in the gravel on my steps.
I was fascinated by how she played with these blocks. She stacks all her other blocks but seemed to be making roads with these. She was very intent on getting them together perfectly and used shorter ones when she ran out of room. I did take a short video for Mommy and Daddy but it's too big to put on here.
Just playing in her bunny jammies.
We blew a lot of bubbles and did "whee" (Jerzie talk for swing) quite a bit. We also saw a lot of "fla flies" (butterflies but because she has mostly only seen butterflies in pictures, it is also her word for flowers) and went to see the peacocks when we went to the cemetery to put lilacs on my Mom's grave. I must have called her honey often because that's what she called me for the last few days. All and all we had a great time and I'm not too worn out because she was such a good girl. She went to bed at 8:00 every night without a peep and slept until 6:30 or 7:00 every morning.
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Susie said...

Sounds like you had some good Grammy time!
The peacocks in the cemetery must be interesting to see. We have them in a nearby park, but they never stray from there.
They can be very noisy birds, but they sure are beautiful.

Rosie's Whimsy said...

She is so sweet. I can't wait til I can get on the floor and play blocks with my grandchild. I will have to be patient :-) I'll just be so happy to get to hold a baby again, first!

:-) Rosie

Suzanne said...

Jerzie is just adorable! She seems so intent on what she's creating in the photos ... must have a little of her grandmother's creative flair ;o)