Monday, March 03, 2008

Beautiful spring!

We had a beautiful spring day here today. Can you read the temperature? Over 60! Jerzie and I were outside by 8:30. I built a little snowman while Jerzie watched. She hates the snow! She will not touch it even with gloves on. I tried to pull her in her sled but she hated that too, so we went for a little walk.
After her morning nap we went to see our neighbor Anne. Jerzie loves her little rocking chair.
After lunch and another nap we went out on the deck, away from the snow.
She still loves her swing!
She wants to go faster and higher.
Then we blew some bubbles. Jerzie is getting very independent. She wanted to blow bubbles herself. No bubbles but lots of soap all over!
Our snow went down several inches today but there are storm warnings for later in the week so I'm sure we'll get more real soon. It felt good to get outside even if it was for only a day.


Kelli said...

Happy March to you! Jerzie is such a cutie, it looks like a fun day!

OldBagNewTricks said...

That Jerzie is one very smart girl!! It took me a long, long time to not like snow. I totally get it now!


Dawn said...

It was a gorgeous day, wasn't it?
I will be happy when those days come again and stay.
Sweet J shots, once again.

A wildlife gardener said...

What a little treasure you have sweet :)

PEA said...

Spring still hasn't found my little corner of the world! lol It only went up to 13F here today and we still have tons of snow. Love those pictures of Jerzie...that is so strange that she doesn't like the snow at all...usually kids just love playing in it. Just year you won't be able to get her out of it! lol xox