Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wierd weather

It was really beautiful here this morning! Everything was covered with snow. The trouble is that ice was holding the snow on. I don't want to be under a tree when it lets loose!

This is the railing to my shop. If you look close you can see that what isn't covered in snow is covered in ice.
Can you see the line in the middle of the snow? That is solid ice!
It snowed 4 to 6 inches yesterday. In the evening it started raining. It froze the minute it hit the ground (or car). It was pouring when I came home at 10. The roads were like a skating rink. Sometime during the night it snowed a couple more inches. Nice heavy shoveling this am! I had to wash my car because it was completely encased in ice. Big chunks were flying off the roof when the water got under it. Now the sun is shining and it looks beautiful!
Is any one else ready for spring?

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Lilli in Vancouver said...

Oh dear! This reminds me of the ice storm we had back two Novembers ago, when the weight of the ice brought a big willow tree down on our house! Hopefully no one will get hurt with your weather conditions.

Yes, looking forward to Spring!