Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A clear report!

I had to go to Buffalo to get my stitches out and a report on the mole. Removing the stitches wasn't too pleasant but the report was good! Just a plain old mole. Even though I expect a good report I'm always relieved to get one.

We are under a storm warning until tomorrow but the roads were clear all the way there. When I left the Dr's office it was snowing and snowed all the way home. No problems, but I'm glad I came right home. We've been having some very cold weather. Into the single digits and minuses. It started at 3 when I got up this AM but it's clear up to 18 now.

These pictures are my bedroom window yesterday morning. The light you can see is the sun.


Diana LaMarre said...

Hi Jean,
So glad to hear you got a good report on the mole.

I think Jerzie looks alot like that baby pic of you!

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!! Your back OK! I was a little concerned that you wouldn't be able to go or that you would be stranded! Glad to hear all is well! I love the window pics! By the way, Jerzie looks like me now, lol! No she really does look a lot like you, and believe it or not, we saw a baby pic of Ryan at Trina's and she is a spitting image of him at that age too! She just looks like all of us! She has way more of your family traits than mine though, which could be a good thing, lol.

Lena said...

I love these photos that you've posted of the window. It sounds as if you've been having quite a bit of dramatic weather in your part of the world. It was sunny here today, but I keep wishing for one good snow day, before spring arrives. They are rare in our place.

That's great news about your mole!

Best wishes!