Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I decided to work on my bedroom this weekend. I don't have the roof fixed yet but that only affects one wall. Since I had stuff from the bedroom in the living and dining rooms I had to do something or go crazy. I found a border I liked on Saturday and then started painting. I had sponge painted it before and was tired of that but still liked the color. I used the top color which was the darker one and just painted over the sponging. I like that it is not totally covered so it still has a dimensional look.
Sunday I put up the border and put stuff back on the walls, except for the damaged wall.
I could use everything I had on the walls before because my accent color was still green.
As soon as I get the roof fixed I'll fix and paint the last wall. I'm real happy with how it came out and I do like the dark purple walls.


Tracey said...

Love the colors!

You've been tagged for a bucket list over at the diaries =)

PEA said...

Jean, it looks beautiful! I so love the colour and that border is gorgeous!! You and I should go into business redecorating rooms! LOL xox

Lilli said...

Me too, I LOVE the purple walls! Esp since you have lots of green around there too! My two fave colors :)

Congrats on getting that done to your satisfaction. I've got so much to do around this house too!!!