Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cousin connection

My Mom had 2 brothers that had 4 daughters each. This first picture is missing the youngest cousin as she wasn't born yet.My one uncle and his family followed my Grandparents to Florida. When Gramma and Grandpa were living there we would see them occasionally. With both their parents and Gramma and Grandpa gone we have pretty much lost touch except for the occasional Christmas card. The last couple years we only heard from one of the 4 girls, the youngest.
When I sent out my cards this year I put in a paper with my blog address on it. Before long I heard from J! She had checked out my blog and wrote to tell me she enjoyed it. She then passed the address to her sister in Georgia. Her young daughter left a comment on my blog with her and her Mom's e-mail addresses. Of course I contacted them. Then her Mom R got in touch with me. It is so great to connect with these long lost cousins! I'm hoping to hear from the others too. I've passed the e-mails on to my brother and I'm sure he will contact them too.
Say what you will about the demise of the paper letter but I know we would not keep in touch if we couldn't e-mail. I've said it before but it's worth repeating. You can't imagine all the good things that come from having a blog!
It's great to be in contact again, cousins!!


Paul Nichols said...

A brilliant idea to add your blog URL to a Christmas card. Looks like it's paying off. We might do that next year.

I read your "Bucket List." Good one. It looks like you've lived a solid, well-grounded life and are interested in passing that on. Go for it.

I was tagged by Tracey in the same paragraph you were. You posted your List on my birthday.

Lilli in Vancouver said...

Blogging and email are wonderful tools that open a whole new world to us. We always have the option to use the other modes of communication when we want.

How lovely that you've reconnected with family :)

Dawn said... of the benefits of blogging!!!

Still thinking of that bucket list, Jean....
I will let you know when I finally post it.

Anonymous said...

I did contact both cousins. I've heard from J already even though it's only been a few days. I also stay in touch with people I went to school with by way of e-mail. I know we primarily only pass on jokes but would not be in touch if dependant on writing letters. Sad but true! John