Thursday, January 17, 2008

The winner!

I had the drawing for my "Snowman package this morning.
Since there were only 7 signed up I decided to use cards to determine the winner. I gave everyone a number by the order of their comment.
Laid the cards out...
...and drew #5.
The winner is Zoey from Perennial Passion!
Congratulations, Zoey! E-mail me your home address and I'll send your "Snowman Package" right out.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Zoey!! Thanks for putting me in the drawing. Maybe next time...I guess I am just not meant to have one of those adorable snowman ornaments!! Good thing you posted the directions so I can make my own:) Happy Blogging-Julie

Zoey said...

Yippee!!! This is the first time I've won a give-a-way. I am so excited!
#5 is my lucky number (I was even born on the 5th of the month).

Thank you so much, Jean. I will send the info to you right away.

The snowmen will have a loving home in Michigan. I can't wait to use them next Christmas!

PEA said...

Well since I didn't win them, then I'm glad that it's Zoey who did! hehe Congratulations to dear Zoey:-) I've just read your last couple of posts and I'm so loving all your snowmen decor!! Your mantle is also gorgeous!! xox

Mockingbird Hill said...

Big Congratulations to Zoey!! I was just one number away...maybe next time ;)