Thursday, January 24, 2008

Free lunch

When I was out shoveling yesterday morning I noticed these indents in the snow in the back yard. It appears that I had a visitor with a great hopping ability! I noticed that the visiting bunny was eating the seeds that were left under the bird feeder. It's always a mess in the spring so I'm happy to have the help.
Next I noticed that it had taste tested the holly bush and found it too tough or too prickly.
Obviously said bunny had been eating pretty well by the time it chewed on the volunteer toad flax that grew along the basement window on the side of the house. I thought I was only getting a picture of the bunny tracks when I took this!
Can you believe that rabbits like rose bushes? This is the Knockout Rose bush I got for my birthday. The dead leaves are on the ground and the stems are gone.
Clipped off as if I had pruned them. I had pruned this bush in the fall but not this short. I wouldn't think the thorns would feel too good going down but must be the stems tasted so good it was worth it.
I'm guessing it won't hurt the rose bush at all. I did have another experience with a bunny eating my burning bush one winter and it made a full recovery. I'm thinking I'll have to protect this bush next year.

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Tracey said...

Silly rabbit...rose bushes are for the deer!

There's one good thing about the left overs; makes wonderful fertilizer for whats left of your shrubbery! That is, if you have any left :)