Saturday, November 04, 2006

A mystery

I had to go out the other day and buy a couple new outdoor cords for the leaf blower. Actually, I bought 2 because they were on sale and 2 fifty footers were cheaper than 1 hundred footer. It seems that something is attacking my cord!

Every time I trim the hedge at the back of my lot, something cuts the cord! I don't know where they hide or what they cut with but I'll be trimming along, minding my own business and all the sudden the trimmer stops! I check, and sure enough the cord is cut. It is getting pretty scary!
I also had a problem with a burning bush I had planted back there. One spring someone had chopped it right down. I was ready to ask the neighbors what was going on when I noticed a large pile of rabbit "pellets". I assumed that the rabbits had eaten the bush when the snow was too deep to get anything else to eat. Do you think my mystery "something" could be a large rabbit with really sharp teeth?
I really have to figure this out. My kids have already taken away my bb gun (for shooting a hole in my kitchen window) and threatened to take away my ladder (for obvious reasons) and my grass trimmer (for cutting my finger-twice). I just know, if I don"t solve this mystery,my hedge trimmers will be next. Although trimming that hedge has always been my least favorite outdoor job.

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