Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lu-Ray Pastels

I found some advertisements from back in the 40,s for my new, old, Lu-Ray dishes and thought you might enjoy them.
These adds are to convince salesmen into selling the line.

This ad says they can make a 40 percent profit by buying a set for $2.64!
I love this add with all the colors on a black background. It will be fun to search for some of these pieces.
I'll need some more pieces if I am going to "Set my Table with Jewels"!


homespun living said...

Love the colors of those dishes!
Thanks for stopping by,


Jillian said...

Hi Jean!

Love your post about LuRay....

Hope you are feeling better.

From another LuRay collector,


Sugarplum Cottage said...

Oh Jean I have 36 mix match set. Lovem' Cant seem to find anymore, can you? Hugs, Rosemarie