Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Winner is....

The winner of my "Caption Contest", by unanimous vote, is "Are We There Yet"! We all laughed out loud when we read her caption because it was like she knew us! Just e-mail your address and I'll send your prize right out. Thanks for the fun!

I was slow at the shop today so I rearranged my shed and took in my garden "art". What a job!You don't realize how much extra stuff you put around the gardens until you have to take it all down.
I think I'm done except for the hose reel but garden art is a lot like Christmas decorations, every time you look around you see something you forgot.
I still have a lot of outside work to do but at least I've started. How about you, have you started yet?


T*mmy said...

Seeing your tidy shed makes me want to get out and fix my garage up...I mean it is a horrid mess...and yes I need to take up what little garden art I have and today would be an excellent day to do it, but here I sit on this!

Have a great day!

Are We There Yet? said...

OMGosh...I'm so excited...I never win anything :)


LostRoses said...

Yikes, your shed looks like my garage with all that stuff stacked inside. The problem is I have to get a car in there too! How did I fit all that stuff in the garden?