Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I've been trying to down load these pictures all afternoon. Blogger is sure ornery today!
Laurie and I went to a favorite gift shop that is going out of business yesterday. I was hoping to pick up some Christmas presents. As usual I got presents for me!
I loved this doorstop pumpkin. It is made of iron and has all these great cutouts.
For 9 dollars it had to come home with me!
I also got this white iron wreath holder. I've been telling Laurie to get one for her fireplace forever and she finally said "why don't you get it? It goes better with your house." So, of course, I did! Now all I need is a nice dried hydrangea wreath. My bush didn't bloom well this year so I don't have enough.
I also got this bead and copper wire ornament.
Last but not least I got a prize for my caption contest. A cute pumpkin that holds a tea light and a stained glass leaf.
Scroll down to leave a one line caption or a short scenario of what you think is going on in the picture.


PEA said...

Nothing wrong with buying presents for yourself! hehe I love that pumpkin door stop...I've never seen anything like it, it's wonderful! Also love that wreath holder...they're starting to get really popular around here, I'm seeing them in all the stores now. xox

Zoey said...

I love it all. I've never really seen a wreath holder like that. Very interesting!