Monday, September 24, 2007

Shoe monster!

Last week Jerzie and I went shoe shopping. She needed a little dressier shoe than her gym shoes to wear with dresses and skirts. I'm afraid I unintentionally created a shoe monster! When we got to the shoe department, she'd pick a pair out of a box and sit right on the floor and try to put them on. We did 2 big box stores and the mall and she didn't whine once even tho she had a cold. I couldn't find her size in what I wanted so we didn't get any.

The next day I went to the next town and found her size. I took them to her on my way to work. She opened the shoe box and wanted them right on. Now she won't wear any other shoes. Mommy tried to put her sandals on but she would have no part of it.As soon as she got up from her morning nap she wanted her shoes on. We were afraid we would have a hard time getting her to wear shoes since she was barefoot most of the summer. That sure isn't going to be a problem.

If she's this bad about shoes at 1 what is she going to be like as a teen?

While she was wearing her shoes yesterday, she tripped and fell into the bottom of the couch.

How do you like her purple nose? Mommy and Daddy were afraid her nose was broken but she seems okay.

Just put on her shoes and let her go!

Here she is all fresh from her 2 hours of playing in bed. It doesn't matter that she has no clothes on, just get those shoes on!


Zoey said...

LOL. That's my kind of girl!

PEA said...

Lol I knew Zoey would love this post, she's such a shoe fanatic herself! hehe It's so cute how Jerzie loves wearing her new shoes, even with her diaper! lol Awww her poor little nose, I'm glad it wasn't broken!! xox

Susie said...

Never too young to develop a love of shoes. That little nose looks awfully sore. Poor Jerzie..

kris said...

Ouch - that nose looks like it hurt for awhile. But, yes, shoes can make anything better!!

dina said...

ya..i too have have a same model of josef seibel shoe for my child...its great

selva said...

nice blog..wat this cute baby doing with his shoes,this Joseph seibel make this baby more cute