Sunday, September 23, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

My fall crocus (colchicum) are blooming. I got the bulbs several years ago from a customer.
They are a very simple bloom but I do love them. The only thing I don't like is the large leaves they produce in the spring. They make it hard to decide where to put them.
They sure make a nice show in the fall so they are definitely worth planting.
I love the color. My problem with bulbs is I forget where I plant them and end up disturbing them to plant something else.
Do you do that too or are you a planner? Do you put everything down on paper and plan before you plant?
It's a nice cool morning so I'm off to plant some mums and dig out some invasive violets. Have a great day!


farmingfriends said...

Your crocus photos are lovely. That is what is blooming in my garden today! sara from farmingfriends

Moe said...

The crocus are lovely.

No, I don't plan very much, other than having a general idea. The only way I remember what I planted is by seeing it in the yard!

Mark said...

I am more of a 'lobber in' and see what happens and if i dont like it move it afterwards.

No Rain said...

The photos are lovely. Hope you have a good gardening day!
Happy GTS,

TopVeg said...

Great photos - I think we call these 'naked ladies'. A real favourite of ours!

captain lifecruiser said...

I'm not sure, but I don't think we have crocus blooming here in the autumn at all. Only in the spring. Never seen any at this time of the year.

Lovely ones, these :-)

Muum said...

nice crocuses. I try to write stuff down,then I can't always read my notes. Plus some stuff I don't write down, then I am digging stuff up. urg

Deb said...

To answer your, I'm not a planner. I just plant things wherever it strikes my fancy. And, yes, I've lost crocus by doing just that lol!

I think this fall, I attempt to do a better job of planning for the locations of my bulbs.

Thanks for visiting this morning, Jean! Hope you have a great week :)

kris said...

Your fall crocus are so pretty!

I just looked at your bean post - oh, my, that is really wonderful - those tiny little elephants - how fun!!!

(I skipped over the signs of fall - we have some here too, but I'm ignoring them for awhile longer) :)

RUTH said...

I love these too; they are commonly called Naked Ladies here. Mine usually disappear after a few years as when those succulent leaves come through in the Spring the slugs and snails demolish them. I'm afraid I'm no planner as far as garden design goes....if there's a space I just fill it before the weeds find it! I've dug up many a Spring bulb doing this but I just rebury them. :o)

nikkipolani said...

Oh are those crocus lovely! I love how you captured the progression of the opening blooms - well done you!