Monday, September 10, 2007

Jerzie day/new toy!

Today is Jerzie day and a lot has changed in the 2 weeks since I last had her. She is really getting around now and it is almost impossible to get good pictures anymore. She doesn't even have a bottle anymore unless she won't go to sleep.
I had a feeling she was going to be like this! Her Mommy and Daddy are always on the go.
This old Gramma is going to wear out fast at this rate! It's probably a good thing I only have her once a week.
I wouldn't change my Mondays with Jerzie for anything!!!

Oh yeah! I'm the one with the new toy! I got a tax rebate and decided to buy a new camera. The one I've been using is Laurie and Chris's old one. Chris picked it out for me. I wanted some zoom but not too many bells and whistles to confuse me! It also does video. Check out my first one! I'm also getting a flat screen moniter. Can't wait!


Zoey said...

Wow, look at her go on that video! So cute.

PEA said...

Yup, once they start to walk, there's no stopping them! lol She is such a sweetie and I so enjoyed seeing her on the video:-) Woohoo congrats on getting a new camera and you'll love the flat screen monitor!! xox

Susie said...

What a cute video and aren't you the lucky one to get a new camera and flat screen monitor. I bet we'll be seeing loads of pictures!

kris said...

That is the cutest video! She is looking so grown up - not a baby anymore, for sure.

Tabatha said...

Can you email this to me at work? I can't take it off here and I love it. I want to show people cuz it so drarn cute.