Sunday, September 16, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

I'm excited about my GTS post today for a couple reasons. I bought my first Angel Trumpet (Datura) plant a long time ago. I planted it in a pot for the deck and enjoyed it for several years, over wintering it in the basement. I lost it a few years ago. I've bought a couple since but couldn't get them to last. This year I didn't find one.
I also have a Calla lily that I keep in the basement (For some reason the leaves grow great but it hasn't flowered in a couple years. Any suggestions?) In mid summer I noticed something else growing in the Calla pot. There were 3 Angel Trumpet plants! I transplanted them into their own pot but didn't pay much attention to them because they were still small. Last week I noticed that there was a bud.
When I got out of work at 10 Friday night I saw that the bud had opened. They usually open at night or when it's cloudy.
The second reason I'm excited is because I got a new camera with a night setting and decided to try it out.
I'm very happy with my first attempt at night pictures.
The only thing I did to them is a little cropping and some softening of the edges.
I couldn't pick a favorite so I had to post them all.
Just one daytime shot.
It's in the 30's here but sunny so I'm going out to do a little work in the garden. Click on the button on the sidebar for a list of all GTS participants.
Happy Green Thumb Sunday! Enjoy!


PEA said...

Such a beautiful bloom the angel trumpet flower has!! Your new camera certainly does take beautiful clear pictures, even at night're going to give Laurie & Chris a run for their money! hehe xox

RUTH said...

I've not had one single flower this year on mine :o( Your photos are stunning and I don't blame you posting them all. Have you tried feeding your Calla with potash or tomato feed....if it is in a basement it could be it needs some liquid sunshine.

No Rain said...

Excellent photos! The trumpet flower is lovely. It looks just like a plant we have here called Sacred Datura. They are probably cousins. Hapyy GTS!

Moe said...

Beautiful flower! I love when posts have multiple images. Well done!

Muum said...

wonderful photos! I keep seeing this exotic plant, will have to try it myself!

Ruth Welter said...

Jean, just beautiful and sounds like a nice surprise for you as well. I just took some photos of this flower yesterday while visiting a garden that I enjoy very much. No tag by it though so I had no idea what it was. Thanks for posting this info.

sisah said...

You made beautiful photos of your white angel trumpet.It looks immaculate compared to mine, which has a few holes eaten by snails into its leaves.

kris said...

Beautiful photos - I'd say your camera is a keeper! The angel trumpet flower is spectacular.