Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Great finds!

Laurie and I stopped at a household sale a couple weeks ago and I realized I never showed you what I got. Laurie talked me into this little pillow and I'm glad she did.It's perfect for Jerzie's wicker chair and it was only $2.50. The tags were still on it.
The nice cool weather we're having today made me think about getting out the fall decorations. That reminded me of this darling house all decked out for fall that I found at the same sale.
I guess it's a birdhouse for a very small bird.
Don't you love the milk bottles on the back stoop?
I like the brick chimney going up the side with the flowers growing on it. The welcome mat and the pumpkins on the front porch are my favorite.
I'm not sure where I'll put it but there was no way I was leaving that sale without it!


Susie said...

The details on that birdhouse are just too cute :)

PEA said...

That little pillow certainly is precious and perfect for Jerzie's chair! Oh my goodness, look at that's gorgeous! I can't get over all the detail on it. xox

RUTH said...

The pillow is lovely but the birdhouse has to be the greatest find. It absolutely enchanting :o)

Ruth Welter said...

Holy crow Jean...$2.50 for that wicker chair, that awesome. I would have picked that beauty up myself, whether I needed a chair or not. How could you go wrong at that price.

kris said...

Great birdhouse - the detail is awesome.

Anonymous said...

What fun! Take me with you next time.