Friday, August 31, 2007

A mystery solved

I just realized that I told you on August 21,when I thought my computer was okay, that I would explain why I was in the kitchen all day in my next post. Well, after being offline for the rest of the week I forgot all about it until I looked at some pictures. I'm sure you haven't been able to sleep at night wondering.

My son got a deal(?) at work on some, sight unseen, bananas. A lot of bananas! My daughter-in-law brought me these Monday morning when she brought Jerzie.I baked 4 loaves of banana bread and a dozen peanut butter, banana muffins.

Someone gave Tabatha a large zucchini, too, so she asked if I would make some zucchini casserole to put in her freezer so she could have it in the winter. I also made 3 pans of casserole.

I've answered one mystery to give you another!

I went to my cousins house and scrounged around in her barn.

I came home with this.

I have a project I'm very excited about that I'm hoping to work on this weekend.You'll just have to wait until it's finished to see what it is. Any ideas?


JANET said...

Hmmm, something to do with gardening?

PEA said...

Mmmmmm, that banana loaf and muffins look so good! Amazing what can get done when the computer is down eh? lol I have absolutely no idea what you intend to make with that stuff you got from your cousin's barn...I'm sure whatever it is, it will be awesome:-) xox

T*mmy said...

I can almost smell that banana bread...we are having some cooler temps today so I may have to dig out my recipe and have a slice with a cuppa!!

Chitweed said...

Beware of people bringing gifts I always say. :)
Your son's deal was a great 'deal' of work. But don't you just love banana bread? Nothing smells better when its baking.

What are you going to make? Maybe a trellis?

farmingfriends said...

The baking looks delicious. are you picture framing?
Sara from farmingfriends