Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy Birthday, Kim!

Thirty two years ago we were getting ready to go to "the camp" for the holiday weekend. The tent (sleeping in a tent, on the ground,what was I thinking!) was set up and the supplies were packed. I never made it to camp that weekend! You decided it was time to make your entrance. We've been through a lot since then.

Do you see a resemblance to another little one you see pictures of on this blog?

You were a pesty little brother at times but you are a good friend now.We went through baseball, football, wrestling, basketball, soccer,
and batboy for the Expos.
We also made it through boot camp after you junior year, medic training after you graduated and several years in the National Guard.
I think I was the happiest (and most relieved) Mom at your graduation. You were always a "challenge" but that is what made you the man you are today. As I look back I realize that the things we went through were really minor compared to what you could have been doing.
We made it through your engagement
and your wedding.and now you are the proud Daddy to a little girl that is going to "challenge" you!
I'm very proud of the man you have become and I will certainly enjoy watching your little girl "challenge" you!
Happy Birthday,son!
Love ya, Mom


Melissa E. said...

How about that! I know Kim! We went to the same school--BBCA.

I came to your site because I saw your post on Dawn's site. Scrolling through the pictures I suddenly realized I recognized that teenager in the red and white and Black jacket!

I'll have to show my husband. He'll remember Kim, too.

RUTH said...

What a great post! Happy Birthday to your son. My eldest daughter put in her appearance on the day I was due to take my driving test! That was 37 years ago and I've still never taken it.

"Early Bird" said...

She does look so much like her Daddy!
Happy Birthday once again to him ( I saw Lauries post )
Glad you have such a fine son!

rachel said...

Happy Birthday!

Susie said...

You were quite the brave one for sleeping on the ground at the 9th month of pregnancy. Guess that wasn't meant to be!!
Happy Birthday to your son.

cityfarmer said...

Soooooo much to be proud have a way of just appearing!

PEA said...

Happy Birthday to your son!! It's no wonder you are so proud of him. I sure do see the resemblance between him and Jerzie when he was little:-) xox

Dawn said...

Nice tribute to your son...
Hope the day was very special for him.
Thanks for the sundrop help!
See you Thursday.

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

A Very Happy Birthday!! to your son Kim! This was a super post in honor of him!
Also want to tell you how much I enjoyed reading about your road trip, and I love the lovely pictures of all your flower gardens!
And how interesting your post on the new sculptures in town! I noticed them the other day and wondered what it was all about. I've certainly been out of touch lately-thanks for all the great info!
Lastly I want to wish you a belated Happy Birthday! I have sure enjoyed getting to know you a bit through your thoughtful blogging! (And also want to say-your family sure can cook!!:o))
Blessings to you-Jean!-Claudia O.