Sunday, July 01, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

The Stella de Oro and red hot pokers are the first of the lilies to bloom. I just moved the day lilies to this new garden 2 years ago and they are all doing well. Looks like I'll have lots of blooms.
I love the perennial sweet peas growing over the rusty wheel barrow.

I really like bellflowers (Campanula). I have different kinds and colors.
The larger blue ones are in my red, white and blue garden.
These look nice with the yellow behind them.
These white are also in the red, white and blue garden.
Shasta daisy. I love any kind of daisy.

I'm off to plant all the new plants I got on our road trip. It's a nice cool morning so I should be able to get a lot done.


"Early Bird" said...

I've never heard nor seen a bell flower...they are so pretty!!
Don't work too hard now!

RUTH said...

I really like your Campanula a slightly different variety to the ones I have. Your garden looks so lovely; I love the touch of the wheelbarrow and the perennail sweet pea. Happy GTS

Sara said...

Hi Jean, I love the bellflowers they are just lovely. I have some in a container near my kitchen door that did not float away in the flood.
Sara from farmingfriends

Laurie & Chris said...

Everything looks really nice Mom. Have a good day planting.

Beth said...

Have fun planting! Yesterday I planted 12 things that I got at a garden center parking lot sale on Friday. I'm a bit tired from it today, but happy...!

PEA said...

Your flowers are all doing so beautifully! If you're like me, just going out and seeing all these bright colours surrounding you, it soothes the soul:-) xox

Mark said...

Great selection of plants, i think the wheelbarrow works really well

MrBrownThumb said...

Hey Jean,

I like that first Campanula. I've never seen one that color before.

Muum said...

love the campanulas. I need to learn more about them, I have one small variety in my garden, and it grows and blooms w/out any help from me!

maiylah said...

such lovely flowers! haven't seen a bell flower before ... i think they look so cute! :)
thanks for dropping by,
and happy GTS!

kris said...

Beautiful flowers - your gardens are really pretty. I have a rusty wheelbarrow in one of my gardens too :)
Hope you had a nice day planting!

bs said...

nice rusty wheelbarrow there! i love ancient garden tools in the garden.

CG said...

Gorgeous display of flowers, Jean...and I wish I could send you some rain, we have way too much!!