Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Garden art

I just have a few pictures left from the garden tour. Mostly they are garden art that I loved.This one has to be my favorite! I love the copper ball and the way it is perched on the stacked rocks is perfect!
This is really the back side of a focal garden. I like that they made it more interesting from the back by adding this small planting space.
I have always liked these spheres. I love the patina and the base of this one.
Using inside plants outside with such a dramatic effect is interesting. I never really liked this type plants but I like them here.
Hosta in pots looks great with this astilbe. Click to enlarge and see the large grapevine balls on the right. Love them!
This is from underneath an iron structure . Again, great patina, looks like it's been here for years.
Love concrete statues and the ball is wonderful. I must say I think these items look like they really belong in the shade garden.
Look at the beautiful iron work of the bases to this set. Delicate design but very heavy, sturdy table and benches.
This isn't a great picture but I was intrigued by the boxwood hedging under this tree.
This plant was in a pot and it was beautiful. The little sign says "What is this?". I wonder if they ever found out what it was.


PEA said...

Oh wow, I so love that copper coloured gazing ball too!! I love seeing how people decorate their gardens:-) I so loved all the pictures of Jerzie...I also found it so interesting to learn how she got her name!! I hope they're having fun on their trip and I'm sure she'll be a big hit with the Mets:-) xox

T*mmy said...

The "inside" plants that you spoke of, my Hubby's Southern Grandmother called them Mother-in-law tongues...teehee!
All very pretty garden decor!

kris said...

Fun post - I love the copper ball and the armillary the best - very cool. Jean - thanks for the info on the trumpet vine - next year you will see either the orange or yellow in my garden!

RUTH said...

That copper ball is lovely. Would love the table set too.