Thursday, June 14, 2007


We had a fast and short storm tear through are area yesterday afternoon. My side of town wasn't hit too bad but other areas had trees and wires down and huge hail. The wind was horrendous!This branch was in the road next door to me.
These 2 pictures were across the street. We have several huge maple trees in the area of the street I live on.
There are 2 huge maples right in front of my house. I had to rake the front yard today to clean up all the branches .This tree at the end of my block split right in two.
Luckily it fell in the right direction so nothing was damaged.
Bat update: I heard that familiar flutter overhead at 2:58 this am! I'm trying to convince myself that it was the one from the other day and it had been upstairs or it was in the wall when I plugged the holes Monday. At least it wanted out as bad as I wanted it out. Within 5 minutes of opening the door he left the building!


PEA said...

Isn't it amazing how even a short storm can cause so much damage! We were supposed to get a part of that storm but it went around us. It always worries me when we get this kind of heat and humidity...we get some weird storms because of it!! xox

RUTH said...

We've had some storms the last couple of days...luckily I've not heard of any damage though a few schools are closed due to flooding.