Sunday, May 06, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

I meant to post a little earlier this morning but all you gardeners will understand. It's a beautiful cool, sunny morning so I went outside for a couple hours to work in the gardens.
This is a Bergenia. It thrives in sun or shade. In the shade, where mine is, there are more leaves. The leaves stay green during the winter months, too. When planted in the sun there are more flowers and less leaves.I like the burgundy in the leaves.
This is one of my all time favorites in my shade garden.
It's Solomon's Seal (Polygonatum odoratum "Thunbergii") and it is easy to grow. Mine is about 2 feet tall already. It isn't really blooming yet but the way it grows is very interesting to me. The ends look like an elongated cabbage. If you enlarge you can see some buds on the left side. I'll definitely post a picture when it blooms.
I have lots of other stuff in bloom but I've already posted them so check out my previous posts as well. I'm very excited about "Green Thumb Sunday" and will try to visit all of you sometime today. Have a great "garden stroll"!
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MrBrownThumb said...

Wow what an interesting plant. I've never seen it before. Thanks for the introduction to a new plant.

(visitng today for GTS)

Susie said...

Hi Jean,
Your begenia looks very similar to the leaves on a begonia. I wonder if they're related in someway??

ACey said...

Oh I love solomon seal and every stage of its growth! Mine are just starting to show themselves above ground. Noticed them for the first time during this morning's chilly inspection tour.

Lynn said...

Wow it is all very nice.
I love begonias, yet I have never planted them.
My solomon's seal is alot more stick like.
I think possibly it doesn't get enough sun.
Perhaps I will move mine over just a bit, so it is partly shaded.
Thanks for coming by
P.S. Your fountain below is very whimsical. Great idea!

"Early Bird" said...

What an interesting day...If I can I may enter a few Sunday's, but I have to get everything planted first...right now my plants are waiting patiently on the front porch!