Saturday, April 14, 2007

Future heirlooms

My Uncle was a carpenter, largely trained by my Grandpa. Since his retirement he has taken up woodworking. Fortunately for me, he has given me some of his pieces for my grandchildren. I have had these for a couple years now and Jerzie has started playing with some of them.I love this cradle! He also made a real sized one for our family and my brother's grandchildren (6 of them) and Jerzie have all used it when they came home from the hospital.
My Aunt made the blanket and pillow.
Jerzie likes these nesting boxes and has a set of her own at her house.
I like the bright colors.
I taught my Aunt how to paint and she painted these boxes and the box below.
This box is so much fun. All the kids want to play with these when they come over. It's a box of all different sized blocks. Great for the imagination!
I love that my Aunt and Uncle both took part in making these for me. I'm sure that kids in our family will be playing with them for many years to come.


"Early Bird" said...

What treasures you have there, not like this high dollar plastic stuff they try to sell to kids!
PS...I just noticed your froggy...ribbitt!!

PEA said...

Such wonderful heirlooms to enjoy for years to come yet! Your aunt and uncle did a fabulous job on these!! I had noticed your froggy cursor before but kept forgetting to comment on it! lol xox

Susie said...

Beautiful heirlooms! My DIL prefers the wooden toys as they are more earth friendly. I don't remember if you were reading when I posted the picture of the cradle Bill made for our granddaughters. I think gifts like these are priceless..