Friday, April 13, 2007

Being a grownup.

My niece and her husband have 4 well behaved but energetic children from 2 to 8. There is always a funny story about at least one of their kids circulating the family. The pic above is their third, and most strong willed child, Becca, holding Jerzie at Christmas. The other day they were getting ready to go somewhere and Becca was told to put on a certain pair of shoes which, of course, were not the shoes she wanted to wear. After a short discussion her Mom asked her why when they were going to have a fun day together she had to argue about her shoes. After turning her back to her Mom Becca was heard to mutter "Why do you need to be so bossy!" Mom said it was a good thing her back was turned because it was hard to keep a straight face!
Later Becca was overheard telling her dolls "When I grow up and get big boobies and put black stuff on my eyes and white stuff under my arms then I'll get to be the boss!"
I'm afraid Becca will spend a lot of time in the "time out chair" before that happens, don't you?
I don't usually pick my daffodils but these were all laying face down when the snow melted so I thought I'd bring them inside and warm them up!
Today is the last day to guess the number of buttons in the canning jar!
Check below.


PEA said...

LOL loved that story...we spend our childhood wishing we were grown up and once we are, we wish we were kids again! Love your daffodils...I've never seen them with the two colors...always just yellow! xox

"Early Bird" said...

I laughed out loud at Becca's antics!!
And that is a beautiful spring bouquet!

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Can't believe you have such daffodils down in town! They are beautiful in spite of our winter weather. Mine (which were probably planted over 60 years ago) are up-but no blooms. They were actually blooming when, 2 years ago, I first laid eyes on the TTC, and they also bloomed last year. Such is Spring on the big hill! Have a great day Jean! Claudia O.