Monday, March 19, 2007

Touchy feely

I've told you that my granddaughter is a touchy feely kind of girl. She just loves soft fluffy things. I found this book in a bin at work and thought she might like it. Well, I was certainly right . She loves to feel the cow,
and she really loves the fluffy sheep!
The pig, of course is not fluffy but she will feel it anyway.
The donkey is another fluffy one that she likes.

She enjoys the feel so much that when I read her other books she runs her fingers down the page to see if there is anything to feel.
I found this one the other day and now she has two favorites!
The only problem is that when she touches something soft her thumb goes in her mouth. It's pretty funny to see her try to touch the page and put the same thumb in her mouth!She likes this book too. Every page adds a color ribbon to make a rainbow. Of course, she has to touch the rainbow!


Dawn said...

There is nothing more fun that seeing things through little one's eyes...and watching them explore things.
Sweet little thing, Jean..

Jungle Mom said...

Beautiful photos. Found you through CMB>