Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Remember when I showed the caved in rocks on my patio? Well,I've caught one of the culprits! I know there is at least one more because I've seen 2 at one time.I know that they are really cute and fun to watch and if they would stay out back farther I would leave them alone. Once they get close to the house it isn't long before they are in the house.
I put on some gloves just in case and grab my recycling bin.
In goes the trap and into the trunk of my car.
After a short drive, I take the trap out of the car and set it on the ground.
I just open up the end and out it goes. There are several acres of woods in this park and I'm hoping he finds some friends and doesn't come back to my house!
Here's hoping that I can catch the other one. There is a squirrel up close to the house too but I've never caught one. I'd really like to get rid of that too.
Update: Just took number 2 to his new home! I'll put the trap out again in the morning.


Zoey said...

Hi Jean,

I hope they don't find their way back to your yard!

For some reason all of your pics below are coming up as red x's?????

Susie said...

Hi Jean,
Your squirrels look quite different from ours. Aren't you clever to catch them and take them away. Maybe we'll try that next LOL!!!

PEA said...

We've done the same thing with squirrels...trap them and bring them further into the woods. We don't mind the chipmunks around but the squirrels are a real menace and do so much damage. In one week we had trapped 8 squirrels last summer...we were starting to wonder if it was the same one that kept coming back! lol

Tammy said...

You are a sweetie to take them to a new home!
PS...I have a new blog address...click the above link.