Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring walk.

I took a walk around the yard today. The snow has really melted. It's rainy and in the low 50's but the birds are singing like spring is here! I found this columbine growing right by the downspout. The day lilies are trying to come up. There was snow here yesterday and today crocus.
This creeping thyme looks really green next to the snow.
The snow is still pretty deep where I threw shovel fulls all winter but that hasn't stopped these daffodils or..
wood hyacinths from sprouting.
This is a patio under my deck. I made the stones with a form and lots of cement! Isn't that a nice hole? My friendly chipmunks are back!
There are holes like this in several places.
Even in the ground beside the patio. I also have several holes farther out in the yard.
Those I don't mind so much but I really don't like them so close to the house. Time to set my trap! Don't worry, I don't hurt them. Chris made me a have-a-heart trap a few years ago. I caught 9 chipmunks in it and took them on a little trip to a very nice, large park not far from here. I need to do that again before my whole patio sinks!

I tried to catch some in the fall but couldn't get any. Maybe I can now when they're having a harder time finding food.


cityfarmer said...

It's gonna happen it's really gonna happen

Susie said...

The promise of spring!

Tammy said...

I enjoyed walking around with you and seeing the hints of spring...I can't wait till everything is in full bloom!

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Good to know that the plants are comming up somewhere!

Kerri said...

Really, you've got daylilys coming up? We have some daffs poking out and snowdrops that were about to bloom during the 2 warm days of last week, but are now under snow again.
Thanks for visiting. Glad you enjoyed the walk :)
Spring will be here eventually, but we may have to wait a while!
Your granddaughter is adorable wearing her St. Paddy's green :)