Friday, February 16, 2007

Super kids book

I got this book for Jerzie for Valentines Day and I think it is a super book! I especially like that the illustrations make it for a boy or a girl.
Here are a few of the first pages.

It goes on to walking, talking and dressing. Then it talks about becoming anything you want to be from a pet shop owner to a doctor. These are the last few pages and, to me, the most important.

This is the back of the book.
This is a soft cover book and I found it for $3.99 (!!) at K-Mart . After checking the publishers web site I discovered you can buy a hard cover at Amazon or Barnes & Noble for $7.99. When I get a chance I think I'll buy a hard cover, too. The author is Sophie Piper and the illustrator is Kristina Stephenson. In my opinion, it is a super book for any occasion and was a perfect valentine gift for my special valentine!


PEA said...

What a wonderful book...every once in a while you can find one that's so special, just like this one. Hugs xox

Kentucky Gal said...

Some of the best gifts are the least expensive!!