Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Final beauty shop tour.

In looking back I realized I never finished my beauty shop tour. For those who missed it all started here . Then I showed my hat bathroom.
The first part of this display is here
This wall is filled with old stuff. I found this travel beauty kit at an antique store. The graphics are hair net packages. The first three items are early crimping irons. These packages are hair color. All these irons,except the one with the yellow handle need to be heated on a stove or fire. The one with the yellow handle was my Moms. It has a cord that goes into the handle like an old coffee pot cord.
These are clippers. I can't even imagine trying to cut with these but customers have told me they were used on them!
I made up this shadow box for some of my smaller items(I had to take it down because I kept getting a glare). The red box is hairpins.The green bead thing on the left is a bun cover. The funny looking item on the bottom right is to make pincurls. My favorite 2 things are on the top left and middle with the orange band. The first one is a package of "bendies". They are like wire covered with cloth and the package says they will give you a perfect bob. The middle package is basically the same thing from an earlier time. They are made of leather . There are 2 of them next to the package. Our "bendies" are wire covered with foam.
As you can see from all my "stuff", things really don't change much, they are just made more up to date with new materials. I hope you have enjoyed this look into the past. Next time you go to the hairdresser be thankful that things have changed!


TJ said...

I loved all three posts!!
You and one other lady I knew years ago collect and display the vintage hats...I wish I could have come to your beauty shop...I wouldn't be looking like a spike headed pixie right now...sigh!!!

Susie said...

Loved seeing all the vintage stuff! I can remember similar items that Mom or Grandma had..

JUST A MOM said...


Diana LaMarre said...

Hi Jean,
What a neat shop you have with all those vintage items! I am sure glad I never had a perm in that early perm machine!

Carole Burant said...

I was just thinking after seeing that vintage stuff on your wall, how very happy I am that things have changed! lol Geez, some of it look like torture items!! lol Loved seeing everything though, you really do have a gorgeous beauty shop!! Hugs xox