Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bathroom break!

I'm taking a bathroom break but not the kind where you go to the bathroom, but the kind where stay out of the bathroom! The paper is all down and the shower is back together. I still need to do some more caulking but the first layer has to dry good first. I still need to fill holes ( with a cool tube of filler you just squeeze to put it in the holes, that I got in my Christmas stocking.I was at Lowes with my daughter stocking shopping for her husband and I let her know I would like some too!), sand the walls a little and prime in a few places. Then all I need is the paper!
Tomorrow my daughter and I need to continue another tradition. We have to SHOP!!! The two of us go to Erie every year on Martin Luther King Day and get all kinds of bargains. It is very important to keep traditions going! After all, it's part of our family history! Jerzie spent the night last night. Mom and Dad took some out of town family to the casino. I didn't get her until I got out of work at 10 but I love to rock her to sleep and cuddle for awhile. Mom came to get her before 10 because she loves to spend Sat and Sun with her. This pic was taken Christmas Eve in a new snowsuit from a friend and her Mets hat from Uncle Sammy.
I love this pic that my daughter took. She's doing her best to give Daddy a hug!
Hopefully, I'll have lots of goodies to show you tomorrow!


TJ said...

I'm kinda glad we rent more "home improvement" at least coming out of our!!
loved the baby pics!!

Susie said...

Jerzie looks adorable in her little winter suit!
Have loads of fun shopping tomorrow.
Do you have great sales on MLK day??
I haven't noticed that so much here although it is a holiday (and my grandson's birthday!)

JUST A MOM said...

Little babies are so sweet!!!! I can't wait, but I guess I will have to.

Dawn said...

Shop till you drop!!! Hope you find lotsa lotsa bargains!

Rachel said...

How how sweet and precious Jerzie is!!

Hope you are enjoying your shopping today and don't shop until you drop!!! :)

Sandy said...

Bathroom break for shopping! Yay!
Adorable, adorable baby :)

Carole Burant said...

Honestly...Jerzie is just the most adorable baby!! No wonder you love to babysit her:-) Oooooh there anything better than that???? I can't wait to see what goodies you found! Hugs xox