Monday, January 15, 2007

Shopped out(at least for today!)

Well, we did it. We upheld the tradition! We left at 9am and just got home at 7. We did go to Ruby Tuesdays for the salad bar for lunch but the rest of the time we shopped!(1 hour drive each way). This is what the back seat looked like before our last stop. It was getting dark so I needed to take the pic.This is the "trunk" of the Cruiser. Not as full as sometimes but we didn't do bad. Neither of us was looking for clothes . Do you like my daughters sign?
This is all my stuff. The basket is for Jerzies toys at her house because she got so many for Christmas. As you can see I also got myself a new flag pole. I really didn't spend much of my Christmas money so I'll probably use it to buy the bathroom wallpaper.
How many of these bags can you identify? I'll show you what's in them tomorrow. Between all the bathroom work and all the walking today I need to put my feet up! Jerzie day tomorrow!


Susie said...

I recognize all but one bag (A C Mc)
Looks like it was a frutiful day!

Diana LaMarre said...

I don't recognize many of those bags at all. It looks like a good haul, though, and I can't wait to see what you got.