Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bargains galore!

Jerzie got a new Winnie the Pooh book that makes the crinkly sound that she loves.
My daughter and I each got this chair at Marshall's (outlet store). It feels like concrete but not so heavy. I seem to have a thing for chairs and it was only $5.99.I'm trying it here with a bird L. (my daughter ) gave me for Christmas. I'm not sure where it will end up.
Our first stop is always Kohl's(department store). They have great sales on clothes and they are just about giving away left over Christmas stuff. I got my daughter-in-law this nice warm house coat just because it was on sale and I know she'll love it! I got myself the hat . Brown goes with my jacket and I freeze when I get out of work at 10.
Of course Jerzie had to get some new stuff. I found the fleece outfit and the turtleneck onsie at Children's Place. If I got a charge card I got all 3 pieces for $8.90! The 2 pair of pants and the onsie are from Target. $13.50 for all three. The set of 2 blanket sleepers were at Babies"R"Us for $6.70.
This stuff all came from A C Moore (super craft store). The 2 books were $1.00 each. They are a little old for Jerzie now but I'm sure we'll read them alot later. The berry garland is for my bathroom and I always buy my covered bulbs there because they are only $1.99 for 2. I keep lights in my windows year around,day and night.
They also have great tarts here. This one smells wonderful! Only $1.00!
We found these 2 angels at Burlington Coat Factory.They will be a great addition to my garden. They were $10.00 more each at Michael's (craft store) almost across the street! I got them for $10. and $15.
I did get these at Michael's tho. The balls are covered with feathers. I guess I could have gotten another bag but they were pretty expensive. I'll get them next time when we have a Joann's coupon. Both AC Moore and Micheal's take the coupons.L. gave me one to get this turtle, another addition to my garden.
Well except for a couple stocking stuffers for next year that I can't show you and a nut ctacker I had to get to replace the one my son broke this year (It was my grandma's so I guess it lasted pretty well) that's all of my bargains! See why we shop on Martin Luther King Day? I think we did pretty well. L will probably show you her stuff today too. You can go here to check it out!


Diana LaMarre said...

All of that and stocking stuffers, too-nice haul! Those feather balls are so neat and I think that chair is prettty cute.

Dawn said...

Good to see you were able to haul in the stash on MLK sale day...I was wondering about you.
Daughter J was in Erie shopping, too.

TJ said...

now I'm wanting to go shopping with my daughter...always so much fun!! I loved seeing what all ya got!!

savvycityfarmer said...

I simply LOVE these kinds of stories...well, I'm off to the thrift shop.

Carole Burant said...

Wow, you certainly did find some really good bargains, loved everything you got!! I must pin down my mom for a mother/daughter shopping day soon...we use to go once a week but since she met Ross, she's too busy! lol Hugs xox