Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wanna Kiss?


Wanna kiss?

Wasn't that nice?
When I was babysitting J.Shea the other day she refused (Hard to believe a kid can refuse anything at 2 months, but she did!) to eat her cereal. The next week she really enjoyed it. In fact she was having such a good time smiling and cooing that she (we) made a real mess. I just had to get pics to send her Mommy at work to tell her what a good girl J.S. had been. I thought you might enjoy them too!


Laurie said...

Mom ~ Just wait until baby J. is eating that colored baby food. It will really be all over. Chris says POOR BABY!!!

Sue said...

She's adorable! They soon develop the neat trick of blowing it back at you if they are done or don't want it!
(remember those days??)